Conservation In The Staffs.Group   

 We in Staffordshire are proud to be participating in the HPS National Conservation Scheme. The new coordinator attended the September meeting of the Local Groups, with the National coordinator.
I came back with twenty one plants from off the Active Conservation List, which have since been ‘adopted’ by our group members.
They will now look after the plants in their garden, with a view to propagating from them to take back to the scheme next year. The plants are to be vegatively propagated so as to be true to the mother plant.
This is just a brief insight into how the Conservation Scheme works, and the importance as to the preservation of some of our rarer perennial plants. This usually means those plants that have fewer than four entries in the Plant Finder Book, and could also include those deemed worth preserving but not in the Plant Finder at all.                          

The Group are about to order their 'plant wants' from the  'active plant list'. Then, in September, I will collect these plants from the National Meeting,and unite them with their new excitable parents, who will then find a select spot in their garden.

                                                    Conservation Plants    

Symphyotrichum   'Francombe Lilac'

            Hemerocallis                 'Helle Berlinerin'

Phlox Paniculata       

'Bosivgo pink'

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