PROGRAMME 2021     




Jan 15th.  Jim Almond                'Fritillarias & Erythroniums'.   Zoom meeting


Feb 19th   Don Witton                 'Once seen, never forgotten'.  Zoom meeting



Mar 19th   Andrew Ward.            'Shady Characters'.


April  16th   Tamsin Westhorpe    'Stockton Bury Gardens'.


May 16th Annual Plant Sale        Sorry.... but had to Cancel.


    We break for our Summer Recess...back in September. Hopefully in the village hall!


Sep 17th    Timothy Walker        ' How to be a 21st Century Gardener'.


Oct   15th   Neil Timm                   'World of Ferns'.


Nov   19th   Paul Cook                  'RHS Gardens. Harlow Carr & Bridgewater'.


Dec   10th   Advolly Richmond.    'Percy Thrower, A Man for all Seasons'.




Jan 21st      Samantha Hopes      'Roscoea- A Guide to the Genus and Cultivation'.


Feb   18th    Alun and Jill Whitehead   "Fish and Chatto" Garden Heroes.